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Exotic wood flooring can bring beauty and elegance to your room

by Margaret Vail (2018-06-28)

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Tests were made in the US Forestry Lab where scientists discovered that exotic wood is more durable than other types of hardwood like domestic hardwood or <a href="">engineered</a> hardwood because they have received high Janka Hardness Rating. This means that while domestic hardwood has values under 1,000, exotic wood always have values higher than 1,000. Brazilian teak has 3,540 Janka Hardness Rating and Brazilian cherry has 2,820 rating. Exotic wood makes a perfect hard wood floor for your house.

The hardness and durability of exotic wood is combined with the beauty of this special type of wood floor. The vivid colors and textures bring elegance in your room. You can have beautiful floors even if you have small children, dogs, or heavy foot traffic that can destroy in time your domestic hardwood flooring. Exotic wood is a little more expensive than domestic wood, but the quality is also high.

It’s upon you to decide which flooring is the best suited for your house. Domestic hardwood floor is cheaper, but not as durable and comfortable as exotic floor is. The colors of exotic wood are naturally combined and can leave you the impression that your wood floor was painted by a talented painter. The way the colors and textures blend won’t be found in other <a href="">ban ghe an gia re</a> flooring types. If you decide upon exotic wood you will have unique flooring that will be admired by all your friends.

Exotic wood is more expensive than domestic hardwood because it is exported from countries where these tree species grow naturally. Countries like Brazil and countries from Asia in particular have the best climate and landforms to allow these exotic species to reach maturity. The trees are harvested at their maturity age. Because manufacturers cannot just harvest the entire forest, only a small percent of the forest is going to be harvested, the exported wood will be quite expensive for other countries.  

Eucalyptus floor or hickory floor is going to look so good in your living room that you will be fully satisfied not only with the new and unique look of your flooring but also with your durable flooring. If you are a hardworking person, than exotic wood flooring is the best for you. It does not need special maintenance. You just have to vacuum your flooring and do the usual cleaning, nothing more. Despite exotic wood’s sophisticated appearance, this type of wood floor is actually very easy to be cleaned.

Some species of <a href="">exotic wood</a> are insect natural repellent like cedar or have no odor like chestnut. You can find the properties of exotic species on the internet and decide not only upon the color of your flooring, but also upon its workability and principal uses. If you want furniture manufactured from the same material as your flooring you can find out if this is available on the market if you search for the principal uses of a specific exotic species.


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