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China automotive electromagnetic radiation management status

by Margaret Vail (2018-07-01)

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<img src="" alt="car sound deadening material" title="car sound deadening material (c)" style="max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">The car also has electromagnetic radiation  Some time ago about a car electromagnetic radiation exceeded the news, and owners who feel insecure. Although the final results show that it is just a false alarm, but to make people aware of the interior formaldehyde pollution, we will begin to accept the car of another more subtle but also more dangerous enemy electromagnetic radiation pollution . Therefore, the majority of owners to beware of car "invisible killer", but also from the car modification and other aspects. In fact, the modified improper is auto sound proofing likely to be an important reason for the increase in car radiation.

Can see that the domestic automotive supplies exhibition none other brand marketing are on the rise, expansion is still in its stalemate, direct substantial ones who enjoy lower prices Merchants did not appear. Visitors walked into every would take the initiative to send a product or business information. However, according to the author observed, buyers are more concerned about the site of preferential policies are very small, almost do not see a substantial discount, even if some companies posted preferential policies, such as Bai Shi-site procurement piece suit (Large membrane, bumper film) can offer a total of 50 yuan and presented the Leroy TV none other space is transitory man.

For example, when a customer bought a sport utility vehicle, it represents a series of hidden consumption demand. First of all, the automotive needs of conservation and decoration, which gave birth to the car accessories; Second, it means that the demand for outdoor products, such as camping and <a href="">leisure</a> products, and gave birth to the automotive gifts, like vehicle rescue tools and automotive supplies, that is, all consumer behavior The gift will lead to consumer, consumer lifestyles determine the consumption chain of automotive supplies. Consumption chain hidden in the way of life, otherwise unrelated products linked together to form a new gift consumption chain.

For the growing popularity of car navigation systems, in fact, a large electromagnetic radiation in the car. As the original navigator with good electromagnetic shielding electromagnetic radiation is the most prominent device in the car and more car owners car cameras and car dvr to install the navigation system, many of them ignore the electromagnetic shielding design of the "cottage" products that electromagnetic radiation they may greatly exceed the relevant limit value, causing serious harm to the human body.

4T (micro-Atlas), the international recognition to the magnetic field strength in the children's living environment should not go beyond this standard; Sweden is the first that the intensity of electromagnetic radiation in the 0. In stark contrast to the more stringent standards of other countries, the UK National Radiological Protection Board official website of the risk value is set at 0. 2T above will be harmful. Frequency electromagnetic radiation limits, and work on the public environment since the 1990s, China has been taken to the International Radiation Protection Association recommended the limits 0.

Consumers to determine the choice of lifestyle has become an important factor in the past, when we stood in the enterprise <a href="">auto sound</a> deadening perspective, the products are mostly independent of each other today, when we stand on the customer's lifestyle point of view, they are composed of products and between products, restrictive relationship between the industry and the industry and constitutes a wonderful consumer chain.

<img src="" alt="car sound deadening material" title="car sound deadening material (c)" style="max-width:450px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Due to large-scale event for the automotive supplies industry, car maintenance, explosion-proof membrane and its modified car based automotive supplies (Zhengzhou) Fair from the crowd Shangyan compared favorably compared to last year. As the automotive supplies industry, the professional media, HC <a href="">auto sound proofing</a> Accessories Following the Green League of automotive supplies to start the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on February 24, 2011, again in the current exhibition advocating the automotive supplies industry, green, low carbon wind, and its exquisite circular signs, into a "green star" Green Star "banner, and its" green star "body paste one of the highlights that regardless of form or concept of this exhibition. Domestic many large and small buyers have to travel long distances to come, although it does not appear crowded scene, but the decent flow or highlighting Zhengzhou Auto Products Fair in the country's influence.

If the huge recruitment banner is just a simple jobs, Remarks from the banner you are looking for is not just work, you find not just salary, the company provides you with enough room for growth and salary space text prompts you can see the rapid development of automotive supplies business enterprises into enterprises have grown rapidly and internal supporting lag "deadlock, the rapid development of enterprises so that it faced a serious lack of personnel phenomenon, the promotion of space and good once again the rapid development of prospects business booming, this is a common problem faced by the enterprise into all the depths of the automotive supplies industry. Fair in the Chinese automotive supplies (Zhengzhou) the first half, I found that in a lot of special equipment exhibitors booth on both sides, are to establish a big "High Chengpin employed employed employed employed" banner, the recruitment of various regions of the area managers and other personnel.

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