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"Aiden" (2018-07-02)

 |  Post Reply and Instagram ad campaigns are a smart, easy way to reach new audiences and sell more stuff. Amidst the whole Twitter-Instagram hubbub this past week came much more important news — not officially, although Facebook VP Carolyn Everson did confirm the inevitable : One day in some unconfirmed future, some sort of ads will overrun the beloved photo-sharing app, the buyout of which gave Facebook the two of the biggest Silicon Valley splashes of the year.

Website Conversion Ads work with the Facebook Pixel on your website, so you can reach site visitors who are most likely to take your desired action - and keep track of how many people do. Define the action that you want people to take - from visiting your site, to adding something to their basket and track them with the Facebook pixel to see how they behave.

Eventbrite allows users to boost an event in minutes with their built-in social sharing and event promotion tools Similar to setting up a Facebook ad campaign with the steps above, you can promote your event on Eventbrite's homepage and city directory pages by setting up a Promoted Listings campaign through Promote and paying for targeted placements in a few simple steps.

So far this year, Facebook has announced a number of other changes that are likely to impact engagement levels including prioritizing content from trusted, high-quality sources , pouring significant resources into preventing the spread of "fake news" and hate speech as well as testing a way for users to discover who's running an ad. Going forward, Facebook expects its premium video service Watch, as well as its Stories format, to grow in importance as less time is spent on the classic News Feed.

That's my biggest thing because I know there's a lot of people wasting a lot of money trying to do affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads on the wrong way so if we can get these messages out to them, it'll help them do it the right way and they can build a real business which let them count on the income for literally years and years (if not decades) and beyond.

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