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Vietnam Tour Destinations Make For Amazing Experiences

"Gabriela" (2018-07-02)

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There are many an amazing tourist sightseeing destinations all over Vietnam and these are what the annually increasing number of tourists from all over the world come to behold year after year.

That there is great variety in Vietnam tour destinations isnt mere talk; thanks to the diverse and varied climate that this country enjoys, and the span of its altitudes and latitudes, there is certainly something to see wherever you are within its borders.

In the south of the country is the city of Ho Chi Minh, previously known as Saigon. The city was ages ago under French control and thereafter by the Americans. The influences of these two occupations can be seen in the colonial architecture and leafy boulevards of the city.
Among the sights to visit while here is the Cu Chi tunnel which was constructed during wartime by Vietnamese fighters. The gem of your Vietnam tour in this region is however not the city but the incredible Mekong Delta area. This is an area dominated by rivers and canals, green jungle, and a myriad of floating houses, shacks and markets simply amazing by all means.

After leaving the city you can take a three-hour drive to another viaggio vietnam tour gem destination, Mui Ne. This is an area that boasts lengthy white sand beaches that are simply spectacular; the area is a popular destination for people who fancy kite and wind surfing, both of which are enjoyed amidst white and red wind-sculpted sand dunes.
Luxurious holidays find new meaning here considering the elating natural scenery and the beautiful golf courses and luxury resorts. Your Vietnam tour can take you further on to the central regions of the country and it is here that youll thoroughly enjoy beaches of golden sand and a triple treat of world heritage sites as declared by UNESCO.

The three sites are Myson - the centre of the 3rd-13th century Champa Kingdom, Hoian the ancient commercial town where trade was controlled by Japanese and Chinese merchants, and Hue, a near replica of Beijings Forbidden City, which was the countrys capital from 1802 to 1945.
Just like its more famous counterpart, Hue contains many temples and palaces worth visiting.

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