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My sister panties

by Margaret Vail (2018-06-30)

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tumblr_nza772zM3c1ugf8qmo1_500.jpg;awesoI made my way into the dining table and was just going to pull out a seat when my sister turned out to get some more ingredients from the desk. Facing me, I could see my sister's 34DD, full, firm, and nicely rounded boobs, quite clearly. The robe, though it had a belt to tie it closed, my sister teenager didn't have the belt tied so that the robe was wide open. Her dark brown, total boobs, with the smooth as silk skin, were certainly visible and making my mouth water. Her long, almost dime size nipples, looked to be nearly as hard as my dick, that has been doing it's ideal to tear the seams of my sister's lace panties I found in her room and put on until I headed to the kitchen. As I appreciated the view of my sister's scarcely covered, hot body she looked me over. Pointing, she explained, "those panties are fairly new, if that thing hoping to split outside, rips them moves them out of shape you will buy me a brand new pair".

Sis went about preparing breakfast. After putting everything on the desk and saying elegance, we have into teenager a casual conversation. Talk about multi-tasking, I struggled to eat my food, look my sister in her head when she was speaking to me, and staring in her gorgeous tits. To get my focus, my sister cleared her throat.

After my sister figured she had steered my attention out of her tits and to her face, she locked eyes with me asked if I wear panties every day.


She asked me if I remembered the time she moved panty shopping with me personally. It was really shopping for me. We purchased possibly 20 or thirty pair of panties that afternoon from a store which has been named Ventures.

I advised her that I'd never forget that day.

tumblr_mj2y9xcKpQ1retsfzo4_500.jpg;hot-sI advised her that even though we had gotten me my underwear I still wore her panties, my other sister and my mom's panties as well.

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