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What Are The Best Kratom Capsules Available On The Market?

by patrick welson (2018-10-25)

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Kratom not only comes available in a variety of strains, but it also can be consumed in a number of ways. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the plant actually grows naturally, you will probably smoke the dried leaf.

However, if you are buying Kratom online you will only have a powder form available to you. Most people don’t like the earthy taste and end up mixing the powder with tea and other beverages. Well, if this method isn’t for you, there is another option available and that is the capsule form.

The Best Kratom Capsules

As mentioned above, there are a number of Kratom strains available. Each strain will provide the user with unique benefits. The effects of each strain can also last longer than others.

Some strains might provide pain relief and stress management options, while mother might provide stimulating and energetic effects. Some can even provide mental focus and clarity.

So, what are the best strains and what do they have to offer you?

Kratom Capsule Review:

1. The White Maeng Da

You can read any best Kratom capsules review and you will always find the White Maeng Da capsule on the list. This capsule has grown to be easily one of the most popular because it is strong and effective. The mental stimulation doesn’t hurt either. White Maeng Da is excellent for killing pain while enhancing cognitive abilities at the same time. It also doesn’t come along with any sedative properties, so this capsule will make the perfect replacement for that morning coffee. You can get all the focus and energy that you need without worrying about jitters and shakes later in the day.

2. Red Malay Capsules

The Red Malay strain is cultivated in the Kapuas Huli region and it is extremely similar to its counterpart the Green Malay. However, the Red variation of this strain is much more relaxing and it even provides some sedative properties. This euphoric strain is excellent for painkilling and enhancing the mood as well.

3. The Red Indo Capsules

There is a reason that the Red Indo strain isn’t recommended for beginners. And, that is because it is so extremely potent. The unique make up of alkaloids present in this strain make it perfect for relaxing the mind and body. When partaking in these capsules you can say good-bye to your stress, pain and abnormal sleeping patterns.

4. The Red Bali Capsules

Red Bali is a popular strain amongst growers because it is cheaper to produce. It grows quick and the leaves are plentiful. However, this doesn’t mean that this strain isn’t effective. It is a slow, relaxing strain that will provide narcotic effects when taken at higher doses. This makes it perfect for any individual seeking a more natural way to treat their pain and anxiety. The only downside to this powerful strain is that the effects are short-term. Of course, when you can easily carry capsules around with you, you can literally pop them as soon as the effects wear off.

Best Way To Take Kratom Capsules

When it comes to the best way to take Kratom capsules you always have to remember that the capsules comes in different sizes. A size 00 capsule will only contain 0.5 grams of powder, which means you would have to take ten capsules to get a five-gram dose.

The amount that you consume can depend of the strain and your tolerance level. This is why it is also important to start out with a low dose of around two or three grams. If after thirty minutes you don’t feel anything, you can take another gram. Three to five grams is a common dosage amongst beginners and average users.

Best Place To Buy Kratom Capsules

The best place to buy Kratom capsules is from online vendors. However, there are a number of vendors available and it will be important to shop from the most reputable ones. I highly recommend to check out for more info and reviews on kratom vendors.

Less reputable vendors will use fillers and additives to save on cost. This is not only potentially dangerous to you, but it will reduce the overall potency of the product.

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