Journal History

HPJ was co-founded by Christie Stilwell (Co-Editor in Chief) and Sara Brushett (former Managing Editor) in early 2020 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Christie and Sara, with support of HPI, established the editorial board in summer 2020 which consisted of Dr. Justine Dol, PhD (Co-Editor in Chief); and editors Aleksandra Buderik, Dr. Hilary Caldwell, Phd; Dr. Phillip Joy, PhD; Laura J Kennedy; Gabriella Luongo; Emma Stirling Cameron, Delinda Trudel, Crystal Watson, and Helen Wong. Dr. Sara Kirk, PhD and Gillian Ritcey of HPI, and Geoff Brown at Dalhousie Libraries offered guidance and support as well. This team produced the inaugural edition of HPJ, published in Spring 2021.

Additional members Katie Gloade, Myles O'Brien, and Jackie Toner joined the editorial board during summer 2021. At this time we also began onboarding new Co-Editor in Chief Steph Zubriski, and new Managing Editor Julia Kontak to take over roles from Dr. Justine Dol and Sara Brushett. The established editorial board and new members produced the second issue of HPJ, published in Fall 2021. 

A current list of the Editorial Board Members can be found here: