Tackling Gender and Racial Inequities: Climate Solutions for All





This commentary peice argues that tackling gender and racial inequities is a key piece in addressing the the climate crisis. When women and BIPOC feel comfortable and included in at the cliamte solutions table, the team that we need to save our planet grows significantly. Due to disportionate impacts of climate that women and BIPOC face, they have had to defend land and come up with their own solutions for years - it simply makes sense to listen to their experienced voices. Finally, the system of oppression and the system that prodoces greenhouse gases are very similar, meaning we cannot seperate issues of white supremacy, misogyny, and climate change. Dismanteling systemic racial and gender inequities needs to be part of the climate action plan.

Author Biographies

Kathryn Mary Stone, Dalhousie University

School of Health and Human Performance, MA in Health Promotion Candidate

Emma Sterling Cameron, Dalhousie University

School of Health and Human Performance, MA in Health Promotion Candidate

Rebecca Spencer, Dalhousie University

Becky Spencer, PhD is a Health Promotion Instructor at the School of Health and Human Performance, Faculty of Health, Dalhousie University.

Barb Hamilton-Hinch, Dalhousie University

Barb Hamilton-Hinch, School of Health and Human Performance, Assistant Professor


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