To Heal in Place


  • Lindsay J Dorder Carleton University



This poem is a creative non-fiction on the emotional and personable aspects of high health-resource use in primary healthcare, which is typically called high-cost use. This work displays that there is a critical aspect of a patient lens missing from this academic discourse, especially given the context of rural inequalities of health and deeper ties to Social and Structural Determinants of Health. In this poem, I reflect on the connections with various community leaders and patients I encountered during my fieldwork in the Renfrew County of Ontario, Canada. Rural and remote population health must be understood from a sociocultural and intersectional framework given the different historical and contemporary backgrounds of these communities in Canada.

Author Biography

Lindsay J Dorder, Carleton University

Dorder is a second-year Master's student at Carleton University, studying how healthcare experiences intersect with geography, in the Spatial Determinants of Health Lab.






Artistic Work