The Revival


  • Kevin Mercurio



The Revival was written after a conversation with my brother about his experience as a gay youth in high school. This conversation, despite being difficult, permitted the both of us to reflect on society as it moves into a more progressive direction. The story itself is written in the style of American writer Shirley Jackson, attributed to genres of mystery, because of the lack of understanding towards sexuality and gender identity. One half of the story focuses on sexuality, while the other half highlights the burdens women have at all stages of their life. In the story, Jennifer is encouraged to remain at home rather than pursue a field in which women are underrepresented. Jennifer is also marginalized at her workplace by parents who do not reconcile her looks with societal archetypes of professionals in healthcare. Though changing, this experience is felt by women across the globe, and requires a cultural shift in not just acceptance, but awareness of where our own biases lie. The story assumes circumstances of mental health and suicide, concerns within people lost in this volatile system. Yet, until we address these concerns openly, cultural progress cannot be made.






Short Story and Poetry