Organizational and Institutional Initiatives for the Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement of Black Nurses in the Canadian Healthcare System: A Rapid Review Protocol


  • Keisha Jefferies Research, Innovation & Discovery, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Andrea Carson Research, Innovation & Discovery, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Meaghan Sim Research, Innovation & Discovery, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Leah Boulos Research, Innovation & Discovery, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Tara Sampalli Research, Innovation & Discovery, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Gail Tomblin Murphy Research, Innovation & Discovery, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



African Descent, Black, Canada, Nursing, Healthcare, Workforce


Introduction: In response to protests for racial justice, several organizations and institutions have made public declarations denouncing anti-Black racism. One prominent sector emphasizing their commitment to addressing anti-Black racism is health care—more specifically, nursing. To address anti-Black racism, many Canadian organizations and institutions have announced initiatives to recruit, retain, and support the advancement of Black nurses. Our team is interested in charting these initiatives to inform future policy and program decisions related to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black nurses. Objective: The objective of this review is to identify and chart evidence of organizational and institutional initiatives related to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black nurses in Canada. Inclusion criteria: This rapid review will include sources focused on Black nurses in Canada. Further, this review is focused on the organizational or institutional initiatives that support or facilitate aspects of recruitment, retention, or advancement of Black nurses in the workforce in Canada. Methods: A comprehensive search, developed in collaboration with a library scientist, will be used to locate peer-reviewed and grey literature from select databases and repositories. Databases will be searched from time of inception, and language will be restricted to English and French sources. Title and abstract screening as well as full-text review will each be completed by two independent reviewers. Sources will be included if they meet the inclusion criteria for the population, concept, and context. Data will be extracted by two reviewers using an extraction tool. Data will be reviewed and consolidated before being presented narratively and visually.

Protocol Registration: The protocol has been registered with Open Science Framework (OSF) on March 1st, 2023.


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