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Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw A Reality Carried on the Wind Details   PDF
Timothy Colton Gavel
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Back Cover Details   JPEG
Tooth & Claw Editors
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Colbert and the King, Les Gentilhommes-Verriers: Style a la Versaille, Venetian Artisans, and French Innovations in Plate Glass Production Details   PDF
Ana Matisse Donefer-Hickie
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Curiosity, Collecting, and the New World: The Beginnings of Order in Renaissance Natural History Details   PDF
Eliza West
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Front Matter Details   PDF
Tooth & Claw Editors
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Madness De-Humourred Details   PDF
Haritha Popuri
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Matters of Faith and Morals Ex Suppositione: Examining the 1616 Inquisition Proceedings Against Galileo Details   PDF
Daniel Whitten
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Merleau-Ponty and McLuhan on the Modalities and Mechanization of Perception Details   PDF
M. Rawb Leon-Carlyle
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw On Loving and Being Loved, a Victorian Era Birth Control Pamphlet Details   PDF
Anika Roberts-Stahlbrand
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw Photographic Art in the Age of Digital Manipulation: Back to the Darkroom with Michael Lynch and Bruno Latour Details   PDF
Tamar Wolofsky
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw The Justice of Bees and the Absurdity of Apes: An Appreciation of Edward Topsell Details   PDF
Hannah Muhajarine
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw The Problem of Mesmerism Details   PDF
Rebecca Davies Wilson
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw The Use of Practical and Theoretical Geometry in Early Modern Astronomy Details   PDF
Colleen Earle
Vol 11 (2014): Tooth & Claw The Work of Thought Experiments: Translating Abstract Concepts into Familiar Situations Details   PDF
Brenna Sobanski
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