Journal History

Verso was first released in 2009 under the editorship of Zani Showler. The journal was intended to simultaneously reflect the excellence of the Dalhousie English Department's undergraduate students, as well as formulate a student's occupation as something inherently in development. As articulated in Verso's very first editor's note, undergraduate work is an opportunity for "failures to be productive rather than consequential." Whether, in the past four years, this particular spirit remains with Verso is up for debate;it is clear, however, that Verso has continued to develop. Under the editorship of Cynthia Spring in 2010, Leslie Gallagher in 2011, Naomi Cooperman in 2012, and Kristan Newell in 2013, Verso has changed along with its hard-working editorial teams. Each new team provides a new angle to the look, content, and feel of Verso. With the launch of the online journal in 2012 and the blind peer review of its submissions in 2013, may Verso always move forward in its development.