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2013 Front Matter Abstract   PDF
Verso English
2014 Front Matter Abstract   PDF
Verso English
2015 Front Matter Abstract
Emma Clare Skagen
2017 Front Matter Abstract   PDF
Front Matter .
2018 Front Matter Abstract   PDF
Payton McConvey Chapley
2019: Verso 2019 Front Matter Abstract   PDF
Verso 2019
2013 Grammatical Subordination in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four Abstract   PDF
Julia Manoukian
2015 "High Flying Liberty of Conceit" in the Poetry of Sir Philip Sidney and John Donne Abstract   PDF
Clara McGaughey
2019: Verso 2019 Historical Fiction and the Male-Imposed Identity:The Deconstruction of Metatexuality and “Leda and the Swan” in Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus Abstract   PDF
2014 How to Create Inhumanity: Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go Abstract   PDF
Andrea Kowalski
2013 Humanity and the Animal Other: A Derridean Analysis of Waiting for the Barbarians Abstract   PDF
Jacob Sandler
2018 Humour and the Journey to Hell Abstract   PDF
Mady Gillespie
2019: Verso 2019 I Wanted to Vanish: Grief, Loss, and Disappearance in Helen MacDonald’s H is for Hawk Abstract   PDF
2012 Images of Hair Throughout John Donne's Work Details   PDF
Frances Dorenbaum
2016 Immigration, Glorification, and Forgetting in The Great Gatsby Abstract   PDF
Clara McGaughey
2011 Insufficient Data for a Meaningful Answer: The Use of Language in Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question" Abstract   PDF
Naomi Cooperman
2009 Ironist vs. Empiricist: The Polical Battle Royale in Percival Everett's Cutting Lisa and Erasure Abstract   PDF
Caitlin McConkey-Pirie
2010 Language as a Cultural Barrier In South African Literature Post-2000 Abstract   PDF
Paige Sisley
2018 Let There Be Language: Words and Worlds in William Burroughs’ The Wild Boys Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Sherman
2018 Love Thine Enemy: A Psychoanalytic Examination of Ethics and Politics in Beowulf Abstract   PDF
Liam Compton
2011 Maggie's Nature: The Influence of Darwin in Mill on the Floss Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Fenton
2013 Marriage Needs Sex and Some: Desire in The Mill on the Floss and The Odd Women Abstract   PDF
Mollie Winter
2019: Verso 2019 Measured Steps: Recovery in “Big Two-Hearted River” Abstract   PDF
2017 Mediation Through the Dead in White Noise and the Poetry of Robert Lowell Abstract   PDF
Sam Krueger
2016 Mermaids, Multiculturalism, and Misogyny in Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita Abstract   PDF
Carlie Fischer
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