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2014 Metamemoir in Wayne Johnston's Baltimore's Mansion Abstract   PDF
Jacob Sandler
2013 Morality and Ethics: The Economics of Mice in Barbauld and Burns Abstract   PDF
Ben Hicks
2015 "My Mother Is a Fish": All-Encompassing Inadequacy in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying Abstract   PDF
Taylor Lemaire
2018 Naked Self Down on Paper: Celebration and Criticism in Ginsberg’s Howl Abstract   PDF
Sam Krueger
2019: Verso 2019 Nationality, Socialism, and Great Depression Era Politics in This Time A Better Earth Abstract   PDF
2019: Verso 2019 Of Guy, of his Felice, and of his Guilt: Problematic Love in the Auchinleck Guy of Warwick Abstract   PDF
2019: Verso 2019 Of Paradigmatic Suffering and its Place in Humanity Abstract   PDF
2014 Only So Much Is Certain: Selective Rhyme in Dickinson Abstract   PDF
Robin Fraser
2013 Parody in Chaucer’s “The Tale of Sir Thopas” Abstract   PDF
Tessa Cernik
2019: Verso 2019 Play with a Purpose:The Moral, Philosophical, and Societal Value of Child’s Play in John Newbery’s A Little Pretty Pocket-Book Abstract   PDF
2014 Profane, Steal, or Usurp: Kingship, Divine Right, and Regicide in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Richard II Abstract   PDF
Rachael Hencher
2014 Read it and Laugh: Humour and Mistake-Making in Green Grass, Running Water Abstract   PDF
Samantha Elmsley
2010 Real Phonies: Performativity in Breakfast at Tiffany's and Mad Men Abstract   PDF
Natalie Childs
2014 Reinterpreting Saracen Alterity as a Proto-Christian Community Abstract   PDF
Matt Gillis
2009 Romantics and Their Delusions: A Waste of Time or Worthwhile? Abstract   PDF
Adam Miller
2018 Rooms with a View in Middlemarch and The Remains of the Day Abstract   PDF
Anna Jewers
2009 Salvation/Damnation: The Ambiguous Faust in Melville's Moby-Dick Abstract   PDF
Evan Brown
2017 Searching Between the Lines: Ambiguity, Paralysis and Revisionist Readings of Joyce’s “Eveline” Abstract   PDF
Chris Wieczorek
2017 See No Evil: The Bedside Spectatorship of Vivian Bearing Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth McElroy
2014 "Severity must cure it": Sin, Morality, and Politics in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure Abstract   PDF
William Tilleczek
2016 Sexual Sanguinity Abstract   PDF
Megan Norland
2014 Shattering the Illusion: Self-Preservation, Reality, and Meaning through Images in White Noise and "Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror" Abstract   PDF
Devon Coutts
2010 Simulation and Sartorial Subversion in 19th and 21st Century Sensation Fiction Abstract   PDF
Emily Corrie
2012 Situated Authorship: Feminist Critical Engagement with Roland Barthess The Death of the Author Details   PDF
Sarah Wilson
2015 Some Regimented Evening: The Relationship between Commentary and Representation in "The Dead" and "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" Abstract   PDF
Helen Pinsent
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