A Prenatal Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program: A Preliminary Report

John R. Colwell, Donald C. Brown


This report presents results of a study on the effectiveness of a prenatal group hypnosis smoking cessation program. The postpartum smoking behaviours of those who stopped smoking during the pregnancy are also presented. The multifactorial intervention emphasized is the use of multiple hypnosis sessions with accompanying information booklets and personal physician encouragement. This study group of 55 people included both pregnant women and their significant others who lived with them and smoked. Only 83% follow-up was achieved of the 47 patients eligible for analysis (n=39). Results showed a quit rate of 18% and positive smoking behaviour changes in 90% of the study group. Of those 7 individuals who quit during pregnancy, only two resumed smoking at three and six months, respectively. These preterm and postpartum preliminary results are promising given the small sample size of the study and the potential room for improvement of this intervention modality.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15273/dmj.Vol25No1.4434


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