Social media slacktivism for the health advocate


  • Jake Yorke Faculty of Medicine Dalhousie University
  • Kim Blake Department of Pediatrics Dalhousie University



Activism through social media, so-called slacktivism, is often seen as a way for people to promote change or show support for causes without requiring any real effort. Though effective at reaching a large audience, this type of
advocacy often results in very little action. Private displays of support such as signing a confidential petition, however, do lead to further action. Physicians, therefore can use social media to reinforce the health advocacy messages delivered in traditional patient encounters, reaching a large audience of people who have been individually prepared to take action. Slacktivism alone is not enough to be a health advocate, but it is an important tool to increase scope and effectiveness of health promotion.


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Yorke, J., & Blake, K. (2015). Social media slacktivism for the health advocate. DALHOUSIE MEDICAL JOURNAL, 41(1).



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