Issue 13.1 is published

JUE 13(1) Contents

Young Adults and their Parents: The (Mis)Understandings that Construct Mental Illness
Sydney Patterson | Dalhousie University

It is Not OK to Die (With Dignity) in America: An Analysis of the United States’ Denaturalization
of Death and its Intimate Relationship with the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
Creighton Burns | Purdue University

Narratives of Tradition and Transcendence: A Nuanced Examination of the Magnolia
Libby Carroll | Baylor University
The Influence of Internalized Homophobia on Vietnamese Gays’ Partnering Processes
Huynh Tan Gia Bao | Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University

We are very grateful for the efforts and hard work of members of our Senior Editorial Board,
who review the articles submitted to the JUE, and to Malisha Farzana, Briana Kelly and Aleem
Mohammed, students at Dalhousie and McMaster universities, and to Ryan Eden for their
editorial assistance. We are also grateful to Dalhousie University Libraries for hosting the JUE
through the Open Journal Systems platform in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of
the Mi’kmaq People.

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