The Influence of Internalized Homophobia on Vietnamese Gays’ Partnering Processes

Huynh Tan Gia Bao


This research examines the connection between internalized homophobia and the partnering process among gay people in Vietnam. It explores their criteria for finding a committed partner, which is based on perceptions of gender roles, gender expression, and sex roles. It shows that their concepts of an ideal type of partner and relationship are rooted in what they have learned and internalized in a heteronormative environment, which devalues androgynous gender expression and gender nonconformity. It also explores the use of dating applications among Vietnamese gays and how this partnering method can lead to internalized homophobia and discrimination within the LGBTQ+ community. This study expands upon current understandings of LGBTQ+ people in Vietnam and their relationships with each other and contributes to the library of queer studies in Asian, Confucian regions.


internalized homophobia; Vietnam; LGBTQ+ community; heteronormativity

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