The Changing Shapes of Trauma in the Fictional Writings of Helene Parmelin (1915-1997)


  • Maïr Verthuy


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Maïr Verthuy

Mair Verthuy, distinguished professor emerita, is now retired from Le Département d'études françaises of Concordia University, Montreal, but retains her Lifetime Fellow status with the Simone de Beauvoir Institute of which she was the first Principal and which belongs to the same university. Her main teaching and research interests were and are French language literatures from the 19th to the 21st centuries, with particular (but not unique) emphasis on women writers from across the French-speaking world, including those migrant novelists who have done so much to enrich the cultures into which they integrate. Political and social issues almost always underlie her own writings but she is also fascinated by the links between various artistic forms, painting and literature, camera work and literature, to name but two. Marr has innumerable articles and papers to her credit as well as several books. Hélène Parmelin was one of her favourite writers as are Jeanne Hyvrard and Assia Djebar. There are also many male writers on her list of articles still to be written: Alain Nadaud, Adrien Goetz, Hédi Khaddour... Marr is currently working on a non-autobiographical patchwork involving her own passage through the various societies she has known.