Lit. Crit. Traumatized: the Case of Romain Gary's Autobiographical Fiction


  • Marie-Pierre Le Hir


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Marie-Pierre Le Hir

Marie-Pierre Le Hir is a Professor of French at the University of Arizona and a specialist of Modern French literature and culture. Informed by the theoretical work and methodologies of French theorist Pierre Bourdieu, her research deals with the analysis of the literary and the academic field. She is the author of Le Romantisme aux enchères, Ducange, Pixerecourt, Hugo, a study of the field of Romantic theatre, and the co-editor, with Dana Strand, of French Cultural Studies: Criticism at the Crossroads. Her current book projects include a history of the discipline of French in the US, Making sense of the field: French Studies in the United States and The National Habitus: Becoming French in the Nineteenth Century, a study of identity construction in plays and novels by Stendhal, Balzac, Mérimée, and Sand with a focus on nationality as a constitutive marker of the modern habitus.