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Marketing Tips for YouTube

by Margaret Vail (2018-06-30)

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videoWhen you have a new business you want to make sure that everyone knows you're there. Marketing plans are multi-layered and can feature many different aspects. Marketing via video is one of the most popular and cost effective ways to promote your business these days. Websites like YouTube are ideal for marketing and promotion because you can create and submit your own videos without bothering to go for an expensive professional commercial.

There are a few tips you should follow to make sure that your video marketing plan really gets your name out there.

Include a catchy tune with your video. Viewers will associate this song with your brand. Plus if you edit the video to match the music it makes for a much better piece for your viewers.

Link, link, link! Make sure that you include links to your website or products in the beginning and end of your video as well as on your YouTube profile page. There's nothing worse than seeing a great video for a product and having no way to learn more about it, or purchase it.

Be informative. Sometimes you need more than just a video of pictures of your product. Consider editing the video to include some text or voiceover information about the product or your company. Even the flashiest video that catches a viewer's attention isn't going to sell a product if consumers don't know why they should choose it over any other brand.

Be clear about what your business is. Don't go with a generic type of video that shows vague art or just colorful splashes. Make sure that your video lets people know exactly what you do. If you sell shoes, don't make a video of a fashion runway. People will think you make dresses!

Promote the video. Once you have a video up make sure that you link to it from as many places as possible. On your blog, on your website, on industry forums etc. Make sure that people will find and watch your video.

Marketing online is actually much easier than traditional advertising and promotional methods. You can integrate several different methods of marketing into a full coverage promotional program via video, email, websites, articles and ads. The more your name is visible online the more your business will grow. But don't put so much into deaura 68 nguyễn du the marketing that you allow your actual business product to decline. Balance great marketing with a great reliable product and you'll find success.

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