Critical analysis and inferential potential of Sable Island historical sources


  • Aaron Mior



Over four hundred years of history has been documented in a variety of primary and secondary resource materials regarding the cultural maritime landscape on Sable Island. While this wealth of resource data provides intricate details regarding historical human occupation on the island, in order to derive conclusions and inferences from the data a critical analysis of this resource material should be conducted.  The remote location of Sable Island, and the comparably limited historical human occupation, presents a unique, primarily undisturbed, maritime landscape to investigate scientifically. This paper examines the ability to study and analyze the historical events related to the island‘s maritime history which specifically occurred on the island. The essential purpose of this article is to evaluate the variety of historical sources documenting the maritime history on Sable Island and argue for the classification of these sources based on their perceived reliability and accuracy. Only when the historical sources have been critically analyzed can they be utilized to provide greater inferential potential and confidently test hypotheses to develop relevant conclusions regarding events which specifically occurred directly on the island. 







Special Section – Science and History of Sable Island Conference, Halifax, NS, May 2015