Snapshot picture of microplastic pollution in Halifax Regional Municipality

Rebecca Teddiman


Microplastic pollution is a pervasive problem. Many species have been found to ingest microplastics and this poses a risk to biodiversity (Fauna and Flora International, 2013). In Nova Scotia, there are few quantitative data on microplastic pollution. As quantifying microplastic pollution has only recently attained attention in Nova Scotia, no standardized methods for collection and analysis have been established. This project, although limited in scope, identified and quantified microplastic pollution on
McNabs Island and Lake Banook beaches using established sampling and processing methods. The samples were evaluated using a combination of density separation, microscopic identification and RamanTM spectroscopy. This provided information to compare with other research. 

Keywords: Biodiversity, Microplastic Filtration SystemTM, Microplastic pollution, Nova Scotia

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