A Framework of Safety Training Based on Augmented Reality and Cloud Computing Platform in Mines


  • Feifei Wang China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing
  • Enji Sun China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing
  • Haoyu Wang China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing
  • Shuangyue Liu University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing




augmented reality technology, cloud computing platform, mine safety, interactive system, safety training


As the harsh environment of mines and complicated production processes may easily cause safety production accidents, safety training becomes one of the important ways to reduce personal injuries and property damages. Safety training and education have formed a set of standardized system in the mining enterprises, however, there are still many problems in the operation process of safety training. In order to solve these issues, Augmented Reality (AR) could be used in the traditional safety training based on the comparative analysis of the differences between traditional training and augmented reality-based training. A novel safety training framework is proposed based on AR and Cloud Computing (CC) platform. This framework chooses marker-based AR technology as the research method combined with CC platform for its multiple functions, large-scale and high reliability. Several modules are designed in this framework, which includes mine basic knowledge, equipment cognitive module, intelligent maintenance module, standardized operation module, remote help module, collaborative work module, capability assessment module as well as other functional modules. This framework also achieves the functions such as user registration and login, role management, safety knowledge production training, practical training and periodic assessment functions based on augmented reality. The basic knowledge of mines module is a comprehensive class which contains all the training classes and the regulations to enhance knowledge standard of workers. The equipment cognitive module aims to enhance the employee's mastery of the device. The standardized operation module and intelligent maintenance module utilizes the marker-based AR to improve the technical proficiency of actual practices and skills. The ability assessment module can judge the worker‘s quality of his work in mines. The background management module is designed for the system administrators to maintain the system and data on cloud platform. In this safety training system, the equipment profile, operating procedures and other training knowledge can be displayed in a more intuitive form. And the abstract training concepts are visualized and interactive. This safety training system can merge the training with the actual operation to improving training efficiency. In this way, it can break through the limitation of safety training methods, time, location, etc. in the traditional safety training. Moreover, it can increase employees understanding of theoretical knowledge and proficiency in operational skills. The AR and CC based training system can not only be used in mines, but also can be designed according to different needs of the corresponding system. It would have significant influence of practice and application to the universities, enterprises, government departments and other fields.