A Framework of a 3D DCPCS Based on UWB Positioning in Underground Mining


  • Haoyu Wang China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing
  • Enji Sun China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing
  • Feifei Feifei China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing
  • Shuangyue Liu University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing




digital mine, 3D dynamic map, UWB positioning, comprehensive prevention and control system


The real-time positioning and information feedback of the underground workers and equipment play a key role to achieve the safety digital mine because of the complex work scenario of non-coal mining in China, especially the injuries and collisions caused by the alternate operation between operators and vehicle equipment in underground mining. There are relevant requirements in the safety hazard called “six systems” which includes the personnel positioning, communication links, monitoring and controls, but the results are not prominent after investment and construction for its ambiguous definition of the scope of the standard and reasonable defects. This paper aims to study the application of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) in underground personnel positioning, by comparing and analyzing traditional underground positioning technology. Combined with 3D scanning three-dimensional modeling technology, the UWB signal can also be used to construct 3D digital interactive underground map to enhance the accuracy of positioning information and the intuitiveness of monitoring perspective in control center. The framework of a 3D dynamic comprehensive prevention and control system (hereinafter referred to as 3D-DCPCS) based on UWB positioning in non-coal mining is proposed, depending on the supports of these technologies. Among them, UWB is a non-carrier communication technology. Its signal has strong anti-jamming performance and high transmission rate, which can improve the accuracy of real-time underground positioning. And the interactive 3D modeling technology is a new type of media, which can enhance the user's sense of reality through the transformation of pilot and perspective view. This framework of 3D-DCPCS is designed to have some specific modules, including user identity management module, underground three-dimensional map module, 3D interactive monitoring window module, underground risk assessment module, anti-collision module of personnel and vehicle, safety information statistical management module and other functional modules. This system can achieve the functions of different users' identity role management, underground safety risk identification and grade assessment, map of underground risk area, precise positioning and dynamic control of underground operators‘ vehicles, remote control and communication of underground equipment and personnel and 3D dynamic monitoring of underground operation scenarios. Meanwhile, these functions can be targeted to update through a period of security information statistical feedback. The system can be applied to comprehensive prevention and control monitoring of correlative complicated operating environment, by relating to the mentioned framework and specific situation of non-coal mine. It would be of practical values to improve the safety of underground personnel, standard safe operation of mechanical equipment and man-machine orderly cooperation in underground non-coal mine if it would be built and put into application.