Perception of and Preference for Rural Built Environment of Rural Residents: Evidence from Sichuan

Yuting Zhang, Yibin Ao, Kun Huang, Yan Wang, Yunfeng Chen, Xun Zhou


Rural areas are undergoing tremendous changes due to rapid urbanization and new construction. However, few studies have investigated the perspectives of local residents on the changing landscape. This study investigates the aforementioned phenomenon via field surveys conducted in seven villages and townships in Sichuan Province. Factor analysis was performed on 352 valid questionnaires to analyze the perceptions of and preferences for the built environment of rural residents. Each analysis extracted 5 factors from 20 variables. The comparative analysis identified three common factors, namely, convenient transportation, public environment and roads, which influenced the perceptions on and preferences for the rural built environment. However, the importance of each factor differed in terms of perception and preference. Results of the analysis and comparison highlight areas that can be improved and promoted in new rural construction. Suggestions for development and construction are provided to promote the progress of new countryside regions.


rural area, built environment, perception, preference, factor analysis

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