Yummy Date ideas


  • Julia Gabrini
  • Patricia Lim
  • Jessica Mauger
  • Paige McGeorge


food., Dating (Social customs)


So, watching the ten funniest videos of the week on Youtube and ordering a pizza with your bf, gf or bff is fun, but maybe you’re starting to wonder about some other things you can do as a date or just for the hell of it with your friends? Well never underestimate the power of food my friends, and I don’t mean the kind that’s so easy all you need is your parent’s credit card, I mean a meal you actually make yourself. The first thing you might be thinking is wow, cook for my boyfriend or girlfriend, why don’t I just buy myself a poodle skirt and a white apron and introduce myself as Mr. or Mrs. Stepford? Of course, now you may be asking yourself who’s Mr. And Mrs. Stepford, but that’s not the point. Making you into an outdated 50’s man/woman is not entirely what I had in mind, so bear with me for a moment. Food and dating and food and friendship may be as clichéd as the science nerd who loves World of Warcraft, but if you think about it you may just realize that the act of making food has great potential for the makings of a romantic, or at least interesting afternoon. Not much of a cook? Even better. Hey, Bridget Jones made blue soup and marmalade paste and she still got Colin Firth by the end of the movie.