Access to information in the library: Restrictions, selection, and promotion


  • Alexandra Care
  • Megan Fitzgibbons
  • A.S. Popowich
  • Jana Sheardown
  • Jennifer Walker


dystopia, radicalism, fiction, resources, young adults, reader's advisory


The American Library Association’s statement “Free Access to Libraries for Minors” argues that young people have the same rights as older readers, and therefore access to information in libraries should not be limited by age. However, for a variety of reasons, many libraries place age restrictions on materials. Some institutions do not allow patrons under a certain age to check out books from the adult section, and others apply outside rating systems to regulate the circulation of films, music, and videogames. Some libraries accommodate concerns about the protection of minors by requiring parents’ signatures on young people’s library card applications, thereby making them responsible for materials that are checked out. The question of access to information in libraries is not restricted to books. With increased access to computers in libraries, the question of internet filtering is an increasingly hot topic for debate.