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Kathleen Gadd, Tammy Kavanaugh


Gaming has become a popular mode of entertainment and socialising in today’s society. Librarians have recognised the potential videogames have as a way to draw in more patrons. The decision to include videogames requires careful thought and planning as there are many concerns that need to be researched and choices that must be discussed. Videogame collections are new avenues of information to be explored. However, since the idea is a fairly new one, not much has been written on it and librarians are still working out how best to include videogames in their libraries. The questions that librarian are faced with is, should videogames be included in the library? What kinds of video games should be part of the collection? Where and how should game centres set up? I’ll be exploring some of the arguments for and against their inclusion in collections.


video games; young adults; resources

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