Book anthology/ collection choices


  • Pia Dewar Dalhousie University


Young adult fiction., Libraries., Fairy Tales.


This article examines some of the more important reasons for collecting anthologies of fairy tales for teens as they look beyond surface meanings of fairy tales. The annotated list provided at the end of this article will also provide some primary examples of fairy tale collections, annotated anthologies, and guides to interpretations that young adults might find useful.

Author Biography

Pia Dewar, Dalhousie University

Pia Dewar is in her first year of the MLIS Program. Having double majored in English and History for her BA that she earned through the University of Victoria, she hopes to focus on professions in Special Collections and Archives, following completion of the MLIS degree. Pia is really interested in the evolution of story telling through the ages from many different cultures, but is partial to fairy tales, myths, and the folklore of the British Isles in particular.