Cookbooks for Beginners - More than The Joy of Cooking

Julia Gabrini, Patricia Lim, Jessica Mauger, Paige McGeorge


Teens Cook and Teens Cook Dessert by Megan and Jill Carle (ISBN 1580085849 and ISBN 1580087523)

My Turn to Cook by Miranda Shearer (ISBN 0304363235)

Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen Cookbook by Kevin and Nancy Mills (ISBN 0618711759)

How to Boil Water from the Food Network Kitchens (ISBN 0696226863)

Cooking Up a Storm: The Teen Survival Cookbook by Sam Stern (ISBN 076362988X)

Cooking Outside the Pizza Box by Jean Patterson and Danae Campbell (ISBN 0764124951)

Clueless in the Kitchen by Evelyn Raab (ISBN 1552092240)

The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic (ISBN 0670874264)



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