Body Image, Nutrition and Young Adults


  • Julia Gabrini
  • Patricia Lim
  • Jessica Mauger
  • Paige McGeorge


teenagers, Body image., Nutrition.


Just about everyone has to deal with their own body image issues, but worrying about appearances and proper eating choices can be particularly hard on young adults. First of all, being in high school surrounded by your peers who are often very quick to judge can be extremely intimidating. The pressure to look like one of the male and/or female models that just walked out of a Cosmo can be immensely stressful. Additionally, images of celebrities and advertising are constantly sending young adults mixed messages. Fast food industries target teens in their advertising; meanwhile images of emaciated celebrities are a constant topic of debate. There are even whole television shows on MTV devoted to the fad diets and exercise routines of the most popular celebrities.