Eating in the Library


  • Julia Gabrini
  • Patricia Lim
  • Jessica Mauger
  • Paige McGeorge


Libraries., Food.


After school, teens want something to eat. They also want a place to catch up with their friends and a place to study. Considering these requirements, does the library provide a welcoming atmosphere for teens? Although the ―no talking‖ rule and the shushing librarian are now seen as relic stereotypes from the past, the ―no food‖ rule has stayed fast. An article from the Boston Globe about after-class teen hangouts states that, ―[f]or the cost of a cup of coffee, [cafes are] cosier than the library. Teens have remarked that places like Starbucks are ―a step up from the library…because there’s food. Meanwhile, in addition to providing food and a place to freely socialize and study, cafés and bookstores also have longer hours and wireless Internet access. In addition, with less physical need to go to the library because of the information available on the Internet, libraries should seek ways to offer more advantages for the teen than the cafes and bookstores.