Refugee Youth and Mental Health: Principles for Resettlement Support


  • Emily Pelley



The issue of young people on the move has attracted significant international attention as the amount of displacement due to armed conflict has steadily increased in recent years. The UNHCR reports that 68.5 million people have been displaced worldwide, with just over half of them being under the age of 18.1 Armed conflict often forces families to flee their homes and communities in search of safety. For those who can go to a new country there are both benefits and challenges to navigate. The experiences of youth displacement because of armed conflict is an area that needs further research.

This paper explores the current situation of youth displacement and the importance of informed mental health support throughout their transition experience in a new country. A young person‘s resilience through the experience of integrating into a new home is not merely a description of their personality but a combination of the personal and social resources that can positively impact their well-being. This social ecological perspective of resilience is a useful framework for responding to the needs of young refugees.






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