About the Journal



The mission of Conversations is to provide an inclusive and equitable space for the mobilization of diverse critical knowledge that is both interdisciplinary and global in scope. The journal will also offer ontological and epistemological discussions on human rights, social justice, and the dismantling of structural oppression for all.


Conversations offers scholars, students, and keepers of knowledge and wisdom the space to engage in complex discourses with the aim of the advancement of social justice. Through our personal and collective experiences of diverse ways of knowing, learning, teaching, and doing, we are committed to the production of a journal where  historically and contemporarily silenced voices are heard, amplified and understood as part of knowledge production. Further, we will  resist "normalized" structural harm and offer something unique in its stead. 

To accomplish these, Conversations will: 

  • Facilitate a diverse and interdisciplinary discourse on intersectional oppressive structures and ways to dismantle them
  • Foster discourses that decolonize understandings of oppression and identity.  
  • Provide a platform where alternative, non-hegemonic ways of knowing can be heard and amplified  
  • Raise awareness of legislation, policies, programs, institutions and systems which create and maintain unjust structural harms.
  • Create spaces that build resistance, liberation and healing through community advocacy