No. 95 (2013): Shakespeare for Teens

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This edition of the YA Hotline is about Shakespeare for teens. It examines a broad range of topics from Shakespeare's influence on other literature to the use of online social media in Shakespearean theatres. On the whole, the message we want to convey to teachers and librarians is that Shakespeare still matters, and is both relevant and accessible to teens. This issue of the YA Hotline will show how Shakespeare's works are continually being 'played with' and reinterpreted through novels, graphic novels, musicals, movies and even Twitter. It will also discuss how teens themselves can connect with Shakespearean works, and will demonstrate that through learning the works of Shakespeare teens will not only gain knowledge about one of the greatest storytellers of all time, but will also develop a deeper understanding of human nature and themselves.
Published: 2012-09-26