Faculty Mentoring and Pedagogical Partnerships: Perspectives from a Teaching and Research Collaboration on Reminiscence Work in Nova Scotia Museums

Katie Aubrecht, Janice Keefe, Lisa Bower, Marco Redden


Our session shared student, junior part-time and senior faculty and non-university partner perspectives on a senior level undergraduate directed study. The directed study course was offered by the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology (FSGN), at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Winter 2017, and was made possible by a partnership between Nova Scotia Museums and Nova Scotia Centre on Aging. The co-designed course aimed to address an identified gap in dementia and arts and artefact-based reminiscence programming for galleries and museums, and create an opportunity for applied and experiential learning in gerontology. Each perspective highlights the impact of pedagogically-driven cross-sectoral collaboration, co-mentoring (Kochan & Trimble, 2000), and individualized experiential learning among differently located learners, with a view to the implications for collaborative program development, teaching, learning and applied research. Department and program partnership mapping exercises are recommended as a deliberative approach to co-mentorship that can be used to support multifaceted curriculum development and mutual learning between university and non-university groups.

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